AoFrio’s Insights Platform brings your refrigeration performance into focus

Feb 23, 2023 11:20:23 AM / by Graeme Preston

AoFrio has grown its IoT data and insights platform to present customers powerful details about the performance and power-saving potential in their refrigeration assets. 


AoFrio’s Product Manager for IoT, Graeme Preston, explains how.  

“For nearly 20 years, AoFrio has been known by its former brand name Wellington Drive Technologies Ltd. and its range of high-performance refrigeration fans and motors.” 

“Now we have rebranded as AoFrio Ltd., we are moving steadily into the realm of hardware-enabled SAAS, which means we will be able to capture and process a greater range of data and insights from our hardware and software. This will deliver further benefits for our customers, be they refrigerator OEMs, soft drink and beer bottlers, chilled goods or ice-cream retailers, businesses with special need for food safety compliance or indeed, any business relying on commercial refrigeration.” 

AoFrio NetworkPro

AoFrio Network Pro

AoFrio SCS
AoFrio SCS

AoFrio continues to develop its range of cost-effective, high-performance, variable-speed fans and motors but in recent years has also added the Network Pro cellular connectivity hub, Monitor sensor for retrofits to existing refrigerators, and SCS refrigerator controller to the hardware mix. Along the way it has continually evolved its software offering to support data collection and parameter control within these devices, both on location by service technicians using mobile phones, and by remote cellular collection to back-office administrators. 

Using the full potential of IoT technology, and its years of experience working in the commercial refrigeration sector, AoFrio has created an insights platform that provides meaningful and actionable data for the monitoring, servicing, and control of refrigeration fleets.  

“Our dashboards make it easy to see the performance of the customer’s entire fleet, but our software tools also provide drilldown to an individual cooler level as needed,” says Graeme. “We continue gathering baseline data for coolers such as GPS location, power use over time, and temperature settings, but with even more potential for our customers to set alerts that meet their business needs, such as HACCP food safety regulations and energy use targets, and to make adjustments to their coolers in real-time.” 

In addition to serving up data to AoFrio’s insights platform, customers can bring information directly into their enterprise platform via AoFrio’s APIs. AoFrio also offers SDKs that can be integrated into existing field applications. 

“We’ve spent a lot of time working with our customers to deliver data in a way that meets their requirements. That requires a great deal of understanding about the industry and good working relationships with businesses,” Graeme concludes. “From my personal standpoint, I’m excited that this has led us to develop a platform that truly offers accurate, real-time insights. We are going to see a much more efficient industry and that’s a win for our customers as well as the Environment.” 



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Graeme Preston

Written by Graeme Preston

Based at AoFrio's Auckland office, Graeme is an experienced product manager and agile practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience leading teams in the software and hardware industries. This includes recent roles at Teletrac Navman and CalAmp Corporation.

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