Turn your cooler fleet into an advanced IoT ecosystem

Apr 3, 2023 8:24:49 AM / by Gerry Gonzalez

AoFrio offers one of the most advanced IoT ecosystems in the Commercial Refrigeration Industry. Moving from regular refrigeration to “Connected” refrigeration might sound a bit daunting for a smaller company or new business.


AoFrio offers one of the most advanced IoT ecosystems in the Commercial Refrigeration Industry. Moving from regular refrigeration to “Connected” refrigeration might sound a bit daunting for a smaller company or new business. This article explores how you can sign up for the first time and take advantage of the many benefits of belonging to an IoT ecosystem as well as enjoying AoFrio’s insight. 

The first step is to consult with our expert team,” says AoFrio’s VP Global Business Development, Gerry Gonzalez. “We have the expertise to guide your organization as you start your IoT journey and by identifying the right AoFrio technologies to achieve the return on investment you are looking for. 

After an initial consultation, our team will help you select the right devices from our hardware range, then streamline their installation and configuration using our aligned software applications. That means you can retrofit your existing fleet or add new coolers to your site as you grow or replace your lineup. 

AoFrio NetworkPro

AoFrio Network Pro

AoFrio SCS
AoFrio SCS

“Traditionally the first thing our customers want to find out is how they can make cost savings in areas like automated tracking of coolers in the field,” says Mr. Gonzalez. “They need to be certain if and where their assets are placed to make sure they turn-over the most product.”  

“They also want to know how productive their assets are by looking at metrics such as utilization of cooler per cold space, capacity or any other similar metric, and customer and shop owner behavior to make better decisions about which asset to choose and where to place it depending on the shop environment. Our customers also want to understand the temperature quality of the product to see where they can alter shop-keeper behaviour. 

Our more advanced users also want to use our technology to track the real power consumption of their equipment to measure their carbon footprint better, and to know if and when a cooler has a breakdown or is about to fail with accuracy.”  

That’s where bringing a fleet of coolers together in an IoT ecosystem can help. 

“By creating an IoT ecosystem and centralizing control through our software, AoFrio is able to provide fleet owners an understanding about the sales performance of individual assets, its technical/maintenance status and the administration of the asset locations” says Mr. Gonzalez. After we make the sale, that’s also when our real work begins. That’s when our team will work with the customer to make sense of the data and to better understand what processes need to be created or altered to make a real impact. 


Beyond the hardware, beyond the business cases, that’s where we help you,” says Mr. Gonzalez. “We have the industry experience and product understanding to show owners where they can make improvements to their own offering, be it their staff training, physical problems like asset tracking via GPS, or how to make more incremental steps to reduce their environmental impact.” 

“Joining their coolers together as one ecosystem family may seem like a difficult step for a small operator to begin with,” Mr Gonzalez continues, “But once you connect your fleet with IoT you can easily see where to make changes, enjoy cost efficiencies, and then build on the results. It’s not just about the problem they are trying to solve – it’s about the customer’s capabilities too. We understand this and will work with them as they build out their understanding and work out an approach that matches their resource. 



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Gerry Gonzalez

Written by Gerry Gonzalez

Gerry Gonzalez is VP Global Business Development at AoFrio with broad market experience, particularly in the IoT, CPG, and cold commercial equipment industries. Before he started at AoFrio in 2013 he held multiple international sales and global account strategy roles for global companies like Grupo Bimbo, Coca Cola ARCA and Elstat Electronics UK.

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