AoFrio technology enables customer’s  innovative heat stroke solution

Sep 21, 2022 4:22:28 PM / by David Burden

AoFrio’s innovative technology has potential for application across a wide range of markets and industries. A good example of this is the incorporation of our Connect™ SCS electronic controller and ECR® 2 high-efficiency motors into a solution developed for the treatment of heat stroke by Global Healthcare SG (Singapore)

CarbonCool®️Portable Freezer System 

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The CarbonCool®️Portable Freezer System was developed as an ‘innovation product’ by Global Healthcare SG (Singapore). It is a novel point-of-care freezer, designed to be completely portable for effective on-site treatment of heat stroke. The stainless-steel compartment functions as the freezer, while the CarbonCool®️ Detachable Cooler Bag stores the operationally ready CarbonCool®️Full Body Suit. The Full Body Suit™ when combined with CarbonCool®️’s other product (MPad™) is a whole-body passive cooling system designed to induce rapid hypothermia at a rate of 2.1ºC/hr for post-cardiac arrest treatment. The freezer blows refrigerated air into the bag and maintains a temperature between -10ºC to -20ºC. The CarbonCool®️ Detachable Cooler Bag can be easily detached from the freezer and hand carried for on-site heat stroke treatment. The CarbonCool®️Portable Freezer System can be deployed at schools, army camps, sports complexes, factories, etc. 

The CarbonCool®️Portable Freezer System is powered by AoFrio’s Connect™ SCS electronic controller and ECR® 2 high-efficiency motors. Our Connect SCS is an IoT refrigeration temperature controller designed to be the brain of any new or retrofitted connected cooler or freezer. Connect SCS forms part of the Connect ecosystem, our suite of hardware, desktop and mobile cooler fleet management software.  

Also adding to the effectiveness of the CarbonCool®️Portable Freezer System, our ECR 2 motor is low in noise, highly efficient and reliable. It is designed to handle the most severe refrigeration applications.  

The grey compartment in the image above is a freezer and the blue bag is either for ice cubes or the body suit storage. The freezer has a blower that blows cool air into the bag and maintains the temperature at -20 deg C. Once the bag is removed, the system will stop (same function as a door switch). This is where our Connect SCS and ECR 2 motor come into play as both location, and temperature, are important for the freezer system.  

Here at AoFrio we are excited to see our technology applied to an innovative solution that will deliver better health outcomes for heatstroke sufferers.

Click the link if you want to read more about the CarbonCool®️Full Body Suit.  



David Burden

Written by David Burden

David Burden is Chief Customer Officer at AoFrio. He is responsible for ensuring AoFrio’s future is focused on unearthing powerful business outcomes to create a better world with customers. David has more than 30 years’ experience leading start-ups and technology businesses. Notably, he founded and led what became Australia’s largest and best-recognised interactive and mobile services company, Legion Interactive. In 2013, David co-founded IoT company iProximity, with a focus on proximity marketing and digital information services, which was acquired by AoFrio in 2018.

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