Charting new horizons: Rodrigo Silva's story of passion and dedication at AoFrio

Feb 8, 2024 9:26:42 AM / by AoFrio

Rodrigo Silva, based in Brazil, serves as a data analyst at AoFrio while completing his degree in Computer Science at the University of the State of Santa Catarina. With a scholarship, Rodrigo demonstrated a keen interest in data analysis, dedicating his efforts to Flutter development projects.

This hands-on experience not only solidified his programming expertise but also enabled him to apply practical concepts to real-world projects. Recognizing his valuable skills, AoFrio seized the opportunity to offer Rodrigo an internship, allowing him to gain valuable experience in a corporate environment and contribute to the development of technological solutions.

“I am eager to continue learning and contributing to this ever-evolving field. AoFrio's commitment to providing learning opportunities aligns perfectly with my goals, driving my desire to expand my knowledge and skills” says Rodrigo.

Beyond his data analytical responsibilities, Rodrigo is deeply passionate about sports, particularly football. Whether following matches, engaging in strategy discussions, or immersing himself in the excitement of the games, he finds it to be the best way to unwind.

Given Rodrigo's drive and enthusiasm, transitioning him into a full-time role made perfect sense, allowing him to continue the collaboration and major contributions he has made to the AoFrio family.

" I am excited about working on a global scale, and one of my goals is to visit the head office in New Zealand—a country I find beautiful. I appreciate AoFrio's inclusivity and value the diversity of working with people from various nationalities on a daily basis."  Says Rodrigo.

AoFrio congratulates Rodrigo on his journey from intern to full-time employee, expressing immense pride in his achievements. His vibrant personality, attention to detail, and passion for growth make him a valuable member of the AoFrio family. The company wishes Rodrigo all the best in his career and is confident that he will continue to achieve great things.

As a company operating in ten countries with a workforce representing twenty-one different nationalities, Aofrio places a high value on employee success, growth, and diversification. The company actively seeks fresh talent to join its creative team, encouraging interested individuals to reach out to


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