Slash energy consumption in your bottle cooler fleet by more than 50%

Nov 27, 2023 10:00:10 AM / by AoFrio

In this article, we will show how AoFrio's innovative energy-saving solutions, known collectively as AoFrio Inside, can help you reduce power use in your bottle cooler fleet and improve your environmental impact. 

At AoFrio, we believe in the power of innovation to create a better, more sustainable world. With Sustainability already a major focus within the commercial refrigeration industry our company is on a mission to minimise our own environmental footprint. We are also keen to empower our customers to do the same through our innovative products and have created a new solution to help our customers realise their own power-saving goals and reduce carbon emissions. It’s called ‘AoFrio Inside’. 


Here’s what David Burden, AoFrio’s Chief Customer Officer has to say, “Over the years, we've connected over 2 million coolers to the internet across 34 markets, sold more than 15m Wellington motors and saved an estimated 15.7 million MWh of energy, which translates to an estimated saving of 7.4million tons of CO2 emissions.”  

"With AoFrio Inside, we have identified the key elements in our product range that reduce power use for commercial equipment owners.” 

Using data validated in customer trials earlier this year, AoFrio presented these elements at the 2023 Bier Coolition Cool Challenge in Belgium and showed how combined technologies within its product range can save bottle cooler owners 54% of their current electricity costs. AoFrio Inside won the award for the ‘Best Incremental Change in Energy Efficiency’ category.  

Here is how individual elements in our product range can reduce electricity use for bottle cooler fleet owners as independently verified in trials by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Criotec using the Mexican NOM standard.  


We continue to trial coolers under different settings and conditions to verify these results further. OEMs who are already installing the SCS Controller as part of their cooler setup have the platform they need to adjust and trial the power saving options outlined above within their fleet.  

“Too many companies have blindly accepted that cooler efficiency calculations carried out in the lab at a single temperature point, and a single humidity setting, correlate to what happens in the field,” says Mr. Burden. “Our trials with SCS Controller-equipped coolers prove this assumption is incorrect. It's pretty clear that when you place a cooler in a real environment of a store, where both the temperature and humidity fluctuate, and with real life conditions like multiple customers opening the door, cooler restocking events, boxed products being placed in front of the inlets and outlets of coolers, then you're going to get a vastly different energy result from the assumptions made in the laboratory.” 

That’s why a more innovative solution like AoFrio Inside is needed. 

To show the impact from just one technology, the dashboard below shows 12 months for one customer who started using AoFrio’s Eco Mode in coolers at different retail locations. Each dot represents a bottle cooler with an installed SCS Controller. By using Eco Mode to adjust power use around the retail operating hours where the coolers were located, this fleet owner was able to reduce energy use and related carbon emissions throughout their whole cooler fleet during the year as well as identifying equipment due for further investigation, servicing, and potential replacement.


Along with on the ground Sustainability benefits like these, customers can also remotely access their data within the Cloud and refine actionable insights that help them address challenges within their markets and make further changes to reduce their costs. It creates a mix of benefits for both customer’s bottom line and the Environment. 


Danielle Scott, AoFrio’s Head of Sustainability describes it this way, “We are at a crossroads of opportunity and responsibility.  AoFrio is a global leader in IoT solutions and high-efficiency motors for commercial refrigeration and we are passionate advocates for our planet's future. That’s why AoFrio is committed to empowering fleets with innovative technology that saves energy, lowers costs, and fosters a sustainable future.” 


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