Sustainability is at the heart of next generation cooling

Jun 23, 2023 9:25:33 AM / by Adam McElroy

Find out how AoFrio is helping customers in the commercial refrigeration sector reduce their energy use and increase sustainability through next generation technologies. 


“With this year’s World Refrigeration Day on 26 June focusing on the next generation of cooling technology, it is worth noting that IoT plays a significant role in enabling these advances. Commercial refrigeration IoT offers owners of cooler fleets remote management, continuous monitoring and automated alerts if cooler temperatures go out of safe ranges or if they need pre-emptive maintenance. 

This technology not only drives profits for customers, it also has a sustainability impact. This is front of mind for AoFrio as we continue to develop new technology and applications to make “a better world together” (one of our core values!).  


In fleets large and small, AoFrio’s IoT platform can adjust temperature, compressor and motor operation to optimize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Equipment connected to AoFrio’s Cloud-based ecosystem also deliver insights at a cooler or store level to help asset owners further improve efficiency, servicing, placement, and sales outcomes. 

By managing their fleet with AoFrio’s connected ecosystem, asset owners can access the following benefits: 

  • Pre-set ‘intelligent’ controls that can adjust hardware settings according to selected parameters. This can include functionality such as adjusting the speed in motors and fans as well as automated defrosts and the monitoring of door openings. By managing the cooler’s operation within a safe range, it is possible to reduce the cooler downtime and wastage that can be caused by preventable faults or failures. 
  • Retrofit solutions prolonging the useful life of older coolers that might otherwise be decommissioned or remain in use but operate inefficiently.
  • Reduced product loss and food waste through optimised temperature management throughout the cold chain.
  • More efficient energy use and emission reduction through improved lighting and timer controls, especially where the cooler is not in constant use.
  • Multi-layered data to identify proactive servicing needs, reducing the need for expensive repeat callouts by technicians.

The next generation in commercial refrigeration technology can also play a key role in delivering more sustainable outcomes in other areas. This includes eco-friendly refrigerants, advanced leak detection, and more adaptive cooler design to allow for a wider range of uses.  


The next generation of cooling is available today. This year, we recommend you take time to consider how you can employ this technology to deliver better outcomes for your business, your customers and the planet. 


More detail about World Refrigeration Day 

World Refrigeration Day (26 June) is an international awareness campaign that aims to raise the profile of the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump sector and focuses attention on the significant role that the industry and its technology play in modern life and society. 

This year’s theme is "Next Generation Cooling". Building upon last year’s theme "Cooling Matters”, the aim this year is to “raise awareness of how the modern cooling industry is adapting and evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities the sector faces providing the increasing demand for low carbon cooling and heating solutions in a warming climate”. 


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Adam McElroy

Written by Adam McElroy

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