Wellington and Gepp, a collaboration that saves 193 million pesos for stores in Mexico

Dec 2, 2021 8:32:24 AM / by David Burden



Wellington rewards Gepp for achieving energy savings equivalent to 193 million pesos in annual electricity consumption. Gepp uses Wellington energy-saving motors in their coolers across 126,000 stores in Mexico.

  • More than 126,000 stores in Mexico saved a total of 1.545 million pesos (NZD$105.85m) over the past 8 years, thanks to our technology. 
  • In this period, Gepp saved electrical energy equivalent to 824 GWh* equivalent to saving 369,933 tons of CO2** or 37,343 trips around the world by car***.


Wellington recognizes Gepp for achieving energy savings equivalent to 824 GWh by using advanced motor technology in its commercial refrigeration fleet. This reaffirms Gepp’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

"We are proud to recognize Gepp for its commitment and effort on integrating sustainable technologies in its coolers equipment, benefiting each of its direct customers and the national effort for a future that combines economy and sustainability," said Jorge Civeira, Sales General Manager at Wellington for the North Latin America region.

Gepp has used Wellington’s electronically commutated motor technology for eight continuous years. These motors perform well above the standard recommendations of most manufacturers, which highlights their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. It also underscores their empathy that characterizes it with its immediate customers – the mom & pop stores in Mexico that see a direct benefit to their electricity costs.

Given the pandemic’s economic impact, this direct benefit to the economy of their sector is no small achievement. Gepp has a fleet of approximately 350,000 coolers distributed throughout Mexico’s territory, which is made up of 126,000 small neighborhood stores. These stores are generally the only income for an entire family. Each of these small stores saves 1,533 pesos per year, which together add up to a savings of 193 million pesos. This positive impact on our community is already relevant due to Gepp's congruence with the values ​​of sustainable growth.

 “At Gepp we have the commitment to bet on technologies that contribute to a positive impact such as the Wellington Saving Motors. We believe that the positive impact for the community, the environment and the company go hand in hand,” said Manuel Olmedo, National Asset Commercial Manager, responsible for energy actions in the cold equipment fleet.

The savings that the use of Wellington’s technology delivers translates into a lower environmental impact, since 824 GWh is equivalent to the energy generated by 77 wind turbines*** running for a year or avoids the CO2 emissions equivalent to the use of 41,626,342 gasoline gallons*** in cars.

The New Zealand Embassy in Mexico welcomes the fact that Wellington and Gepp's joint work is reflected in a direct benefit for the people and the planet, as it is a reflection of the values ​​that govern the New Zealand people.  "New Zealand companies, such as Wellington, have shown that their solutions can help other companies around the world overcome great challenges such as energy savings," said Rhianon Berry, NZTE Commercial Commissioner for Mexico and Central America.  

Finally, Gabriel Villalobos CID, Representative of Wellington Latin America, assured us that a significant number of Mexican companies are looking for innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and positively impact their and their clients’ economies. 



From left to right, Gabriel Villalobos Cid, Director of Finance, Administration and Operations Wellington America; Manuel Olmedo, National Marketing Assets Manager Gepp; and Jorge Civeira, Sales Manager North Latin America.

About Wellington  
Wellington is a leading provider of IoT solutions, cloud-based fleet management platforms, energy efficient electronic motors and connected refrigeration control solutions. It serves some of the world's leading food and beverage brands and refrigerator manufacturers. Wellington products and services improve sales, decrease costs and reduce energy consumption. Headquartered in Auckland with a global reach, Wellington is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange under the ticker NZ: WDT.  

About Gepp  
GEPP is the only beverage company that has operations, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of the carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, as well as jugs of water throughout the territory of Mexico. GEPP was integrated in 2011 to give consumers in Mexico the power to choose from a diverse portfolio of brands for different moments and lifestyles. GEPP manufactures its own brands such as epura and associates, including Gatorade, Lipton, Pepsi and 7up, being the exclusive bottler of PepsiCo in Mexico. GEPP currently provides direct employment to more than 40,000 employees. 

Source of information: 

  • - * Annual average achieved during the last 8 years. -  
  • ** Calculated based on comparative savings of Wellington Electronic Motors versus Shaded Pole technology motors -  
  • *** EPA Green House - United States Environmental Protection Agency - 
  • **** Circumference of the Earth 40,075 km For more information on savings calculations sales@wdtl.com

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