How AoFrio is using the ‘power of four’ to find fresh solutions

Jun 15, 2023 10:29:50 AM / by Genevieve Dawick

AoFrio is leading the way in how we solve problems for our customers. It all starts with four pillars that help us to save customer time and bring more control to companies with commercial refrigeration fleets, big or small. 

“We use value pillars to remain focused on what matters to our customers,” says Genevieve Dawick, VP of Product at AoFrio. “Through our unique IoT hardware and software ecosystem, we develop and measure our products against these four key elements from first design right through to the day they ship and beyond.”  

These value pillars are: 

  • AF06
  • SM06
  • CT06
  • ES06

When measuring against these pillars, AoFrio’s data shows that customers who connect their fleet with our ecosystem enjoy more accurate asset deployment, tracking, and control along with streamlined data collection.  

Customers using AoFrio’s IoT ecosystem can plan timely and efficient maintenance and repairs, measure and reduce power use to meet their ESG targets, as well as optimizing their assets to set the best temperatures, lighting, defrost and other environmental controls for the food and beverages their coolers contain, and the locations they are deployed to.  

Using these pillars to measure performance regionally and globally has also given AoFrio more understanding about cooler optimisation which they can then share with customers for actionable insights.  


“Our insights tell us that customers with over 40% of their cooler fleet connected are generating an ROI considerably faster than those with a smaller percentage connected,” says Ms. Dawick.  “Our unique difference is the breadth of our product portfolio across both hardware and software. No one else provides an end-to-end solution for bottle coolers. This is across both retrofits as well as new builds.” 

In addition to framing the value of our current products and the data they can collect from coolers and freezers, AoFrio uses the value pillars to support new product development initiatives. “We have several key trials currently underway globally,” says Ms. Dawick. “These trials leverage our existing wealth of product knowledge and customer understanding, helping us to identify innovative new solutions for our customers. Our approach is to test and refine the value of new product offerings through trials, then scale up quickly to deliver results for our global customer base." 

AoFrio is always interested in hearing from our customers about what matters most to them, especially when it comes to our value pillars. Please do reach out if you would like to find out more. 


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Genevieve Dawick

Written by Genevieve Dawick

Genevieve Dawick is Vice-President, Product at AoFrio. With more than 20 years of experience in developing, implementing, and commercializing solutions in global complex environments, Genevieve brings with her a broad range of complementary commercial, product strategy and process improvement skills.

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