Jorge Civeira, VP of the Commercial North America talk relocation and being promoted within AoFrio.

Nov 29, 2023 11:09:15 AM / by AoFrio

Jorge Civeira talks relocation and promotions within AoFrio.


In today's dynamic and competitive job market, achieving success in one's career requires not only talent and dedication but also adaptability and resilience. This success story delves into the journey of Jorge, a determined individual who exemplifies these qualities.

Originally from Merida, a beach town in the south of Mexico known for its pleasant weather throughout the year, Jorge and his family recently relocated to the USA from Queretaro, Mexico where they lived 10 years and before that lived 4 years in Bogota, Colombia.

His career began 15 years ago as an Export Commercial Manager, where he focused on selling cooling solutions to bottlers, brewing companies, and dairy/sausage companies in Central and South America. During this time, Jorge lived in Colombia and served as a Commercial Manager. It was during this period that he was introduced to Wellington, now known as AoFrio. Three years later, when Jorge returned to Mexico in 2017, he joined AoFrio. Initially, his role at AoFrio was centred around the commercial development of the new Connectivity solution, specifically targeting Bottle Companies in Latin America.

The decision to move to the US was driven by the AoFrio team's recognition of the significant growth opportunities available in this market. The relocation process was quite extensive, involving visa applications and the submission of numerous documents. As a family, they had to quickly adapt to new schools, a new community, and embark on a new adventure. Although the transition had its challenges, it has been a rewarding experience for them, with opportunities to explore new cuisines, landscapes, and make new friends. 

“The most difficult part about moving is always missing our family and friends, which is evidently how much we miss them. Having said that, we are truly loving our new neighborhood's stunning surroundings, where deer and squirrels frequently cross the street”, says Jorge.

Jorge thanks the People and Culture team for all their help and support during the moving process and for the career opportunity, which has not only helped him grow and succeed professionally but also personally.

"AoFrio embraces inclusion and diversity and has an excellent corporate culture. The organization offers a plethora of options for growth and learning”, and Jorge expresses his enjoyment of being a part of a cutting-edge business that aims to save energy worldwide.

At AoFrio, we presently operate in ten countries with a workforce comprised of twenty-one different nationalities. We place a high value on employee success, growth, and diversification. We are constantly searching for fresh talent to add to our creative team. Kindly reach out to


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